Welcome to Economics Department Alumni Association
Jagannath University

Economics Department Alumni Association Jagannath University (EDAA-JnU) was formed for the first time in the year 2010 under the direct guidance and patronage of our beloved teacher and with the inventiveness of some of the former students of the department who were just passing out at that time. This was the first alumni association of the whole university. Alumni day of the association was also held in 2011 while our respectable VC and a few numbers of prominent economists and academicians was the guest. An executive committee was selected by the direct support of those present members of the day. The Alumni committee was organized some social events such as reunions, picnics, dinners etc. The Alumni committee also provided lifetime honored to the development thinker eminent economist founder chairman of Dhaka School of Economics (DScE) Professor Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad in 2011. But the association could not continue its activities because of miscommunication among the members. After a long relaxation the association was again re-activated in the year 2018. At that moment a convener committee has been reformed for interim period to continue its activities smoothly and movable.

The Association is dedicated to helping the students of Economics department JnU and the worthy members in this association with special projects and activities. Moreover, all the alumni, being under one umbrella, are working with Economics department JnU to assist the department in getting the apex of quality higher learning. This Association is for making a Quality Cycle- where an entry could make a man polished, a real touchstone. Simultaneously, it is for making a garden where all the alumni members will outdo the odds and maladies of the society in glee. READ MORE...